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Cold redfish in cold water at Delacroix with Captain Ahab

 by Frank Davis / Eyewitness News
December 10,  2009

From the crack of dawn up until our 10 o'clock return to the dock, my fishing team and I were into raft after raft of redfish this past Thursday in the Delacroix Island marsh, all in spite of a significantly low wind chill factor, temperatures in the thirties, and widespread dirty water in most of the ponds and canals. 

Fishing Report: Plenty of speckled trout at Delacroix

by Frank Davis / WWL TV Eyewitness News
November 5, 2009

“To catch your limit--or near limit--come this Saturday and Sunday,  Frank”, Ron  “Capt. Ahab” Broadus, my Delacroix guide Thursday, boasted about the action “in his backyard. 

October 2009
Frank Davis Fish and Game Report WWL TV


If you’re a native to Southeast Louisiana then you know that Oak River is at Delacroix Island.  And if you’re ever fished Oak River—especially for reds—then you know exactly where the “Oak River Ponds” are.  This is important information, because those ponds are where the October transition trout are hiding.

“Actually, Frank, we’re calling them transition trout, but I think we’re jumping the gun a little,” Ron “Captain Ahab” Broadus confessed to me this morning.   “The fall transition, which is when our resident fish move from the outside open water to the inside coastal marsh, won’t really be in full swing until late this month or the beginning of next month."

Redfish for the taking at Delacroix
Frank Davis / Fishing Expert

If you're looking to find a mess of trout to catch, you can do that at Delacroix Island whenever the weather and the water warm up a little.

But I’m here to tell you that on cold days like we've had this week, and especially on Thursday, it's actually a redfisherman's haven at Delacroix, particularly amongst the stumps and submerged pilings in Oak River. And the fishing is simple, too—all you have to do is tie on a Carolina rig and bait it with fresh market shrimp.

“Your live shrimp are finished,” our charter guide, Ron “Captain Ahab” Broadus, explained as he jockeyed the boat into position that allowed us to fish the centerline channel in the River. “So you got to find something else they’ll readily want to eat. That something else has been plastic split-tail shrimp and Cocahoe tails for trout, and big ol’ wads of fresh market shrimp balled up on the hook for the reds. Simply tie ‘em on a Carolina rig, make a long cast, sit back, and wait for the bite to come. . .and it will come!”

Delacroix Now on the Fishin’ Game Roster!
Frank Davis / Fishing Expert

Thursday, for the first time on my long-running "Fishin' Game Report", I began covering one of the most popular fishing spots in all of Southeast Louisiana---Delacroix Island. I added the location to the five other regular TV hotspots—Lake Pontchartrain, Hopedale and Shell Beach, Golden Meadow, Lafitte and Barataria, and Cocodrie—after teaming up with veteran fishing guide Ron "Captain Ahab" Broadus.

Getting the new partnership off to a good start, Ahab and I immediately began to put fish in the boat long before dawn (and from the very first cast).

Frank, while we got fish almost everywhere down here right now,” Ahab boasted, “I figure we’d kick this thing off by pinpointing a truly sure-fire spot—Point Fienne Bay. It’s relatively easy to get to, almost as easy to find on a good map, and here lately has produced limit after limit of both trout and redfish. I feel comfortable targeting and recommending this hotspot for weekenders coming down this Saturday and Sunday.”  




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