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The One that Got Away! 

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Get a bead on what's biting in Delacroix, ask Captain Ahab a question, get a recipe, get info on charter availabilty, post your best fishing story, or even post that "one that got away" story that NOBODY will believe!  Have a great time.  Captain Ahab looks forward to reading and responding to your posts.

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New Post 4/20/2010 10:09 AM
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Smaller reds inside with the big girls in the ponds 

We have been catching those wonderfully tastey 16 - 18 inch reds on the points inside.  So long as you have some moving water around the point, the reds will make their way to is.  It has been the only places we have found concentrations of baitfish.  The water has risen in Delacroix about a foot above waht is was the past 3 months.  This higher water has sent the bigger inside reds into the ponds and the ponds are loaded with grass right now.  So, you have to have shallow shallow running boats and fish weedless baits like spinner baits and gold spoons.  There are bigger reds around the broken islands and shorelines outside. 

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  Forum  Word from the C...  Capt. Ahab on R...  Smaller reds inside with the big girls in the ponds
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